Sunday, September 5, 2010

That time again!

Oh dear...

Its been a while again hasn't it???

Apologies lads!!!
Well here I am!!! And boy do I have some catching up to do!!! This might take a while...
Where to start??? Well where did I leave off?? JANUARY!!! Oh my!!! I really have to get the hang of doing this more often!!

Ok...So...Yes a lot has happened since I last wrote...
I'm hoping by now most of you have seen our "Songs From The Heart" show?
Well whether you have or you haven't take it from me.... It's pretty awesome!!! Hahaha!!!
Ah I'm only joking..(not really though!! :-P !)
Obviously I am a little biased... but it just seems to be getting better and better everyday!
I's pretty cool actually!

As you know,Alex decided to take some much needed time with her family at home in Ireland...
So we changed things up AGAIN...and we've been having a ball this second leg of the tour!
It's been a little tougher for all of us in that we've got that extra little bit to do every night that we didn't have before...
But I'm not complaining....cause its been a challenge...but a blast...
And plus...I'm so worn out at the end of the day...I'm getting a great nights sleep!! HA!!

So instead of me blabbering on...
How bout I show you some pics of mine???

I know...I know...I'm a bit of a wannabe photographer...but hey...I just love photo's...
And I hear you guys like my pics its all good right??? :-)

So I've done a lot of adventuring this year...
I'm very proud of my pics of me at Mount Rushmore,and Niagra Falls and one of me on a beautiful bridge in Pittsburgh! There's a pic of a gang of us at the original site of Woodstock...
Had the most amazing time there when we performed in Bethel Woods,NY!
I'm a lucky gal to have seen some of the coolest places in the whole world!

Then there's the pics of me and the gals at the EMI base in Canada,where I wandered into one of the boardrooms by accident...and stumbled across the original sheet music of the Beatles classic "Yesterday"...hand-written by Lennon and McCartney themselves...hidden in the corner!!! I totally freaked out and insisted I get a photo with it! How insanely cool is that???

And a few pics I've included are going back earlier on in the year...
One or two pre tour promo shots...
Some of them taken in NYC at GoodDay NY and Regis and Kelly on Paddy's day!! Got to meet Mindy Kaling from "The US Office"...that was soooo cool!!
And one of us having some fun at Canada AM!!

Enjoy guys...

I'll give ya a warning though.....
There's more to come!!! heehee!!!

Peace!!!! x

Friday, January 15, 2010

Going back before I can go forward....

So thought I'd show you some of the fun I had on our Fall Tour 09'.
I may not be great at blogging regularly but what I lack in that I make up for in snapping pics!!!
Anyone who knows me jokes how I was probably a Paparazzo in my last life!!! Cause all I do is take photographs all day every day!!
I love,love,love taking's totally one of my few real passion's in life!!
My whole life is in photographs...looking back on photo's brings back a memory of that exact moment in time....and I think that's really cool!!
So I figured instead of boring you all by going into great detail of what I get up to from day to day I'd just show you some photo's instead!!! Hope that's ok!!! lol!!

The first photo is of us gals and the wonderfully talented Jim Master's at CPTV in Connecticut,taken at the end of October.We were so excited to be there because it was the first official airing of our new Songs From The Heart PBS Special.We had such a good time and I'll tell ya something,not only is Jim one of the lovliest guys I have ever met but boy is he good at what he does!!! Talented AND lovely...rare gift in this business!!!

The next two are of me and the legend Hoagy Carmichael...(not the real one sadly!) the man behind a well loved song of mine "Georgia On My Mind"...couldn't help but snap a pic when we performed in the university in Bloomington!!

I can't tell you how much fun Lynn and I had together when we headed for the West Coast for our Promo trip at the end of our Isle Of Hope Fall tour....
Lynn is totally one of the coolest people you'll ever meet....and whenever the two of us are together we are guaranteed to have a great laugh....and have too much fun!!! lol!!!
So the next few photo's are of us at KAET TV Eight in Arizona having some fun on the phones talking with PBS members,Hanging some Christmas tree decorations and sitting by the fire in Spokane,Me cuddling some fluffy penguin toys in Sea World in San Diego (soooo one of the coolest places I've ever been!!!! Definitely going back any chance I get!!!) and me at sunset at the beach in LA before Christmas!!! You have to realise,for an Irish person being able to be on the beach in late November is a very rare and wonderful thing...a moment I simply couldn't pass up on!!!! :-)

In my next blog....I'll be telling you all about the most awesome Christmas present ever...
It may have something to do with being on the same stage as Sheryl Crow,Ray Lamontagne,Jordin Sparks and a certain Mr.President Obama....

And yes....there may be photo's involved too!!!! Heeheehee!!!

In the meantime....Hope you enjoy this lot!!!!

All my love...

Chloë x

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hey everyone....

So it's been a long time since I wrote again hasn't it??? I promise I'll try and get the hang of blogging regularly!!! lol!!!

It's 2010!!! Woooooooo!!!!
So crazy.....can't believe it...I wanna know where 2009 went?
I guess we were very busy all year which explains how fast it all flew by!!!!
Anyway I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a very happy start to the New Year!
It was a quiet enough one here...which has been great because that's exactly what I needed!
But my gosh has the weather been CRAZZZZZZYYYYY!!!!
We've never seen anything like it!!!
Gonna include a piccie of the snow up the mountains...just a few minutes away from my house!!!
Sadly it's all pretty much gone now but it was so beautiful over the holidays! It was the perfect "White Christmas!"

Never one's to take a break for too long,us gals have been straight back to work since the beginning of the New Year. Busy doing pre-production stuff here in Ireland before we head over to the States for our new Songs From The Heart tour! Which we are so insanely excited about!!
I promise you guys....

This one's gonna be awesome!!!

I'll leave you on that note...

Talk soon...

Chloë x

PS.Gonna do a blog or two telling you about what me n the girls got up to before
the Holidays too!! (And yes...there maybe a few piccies!!! :-P )

Friday, November 13, 2009

Onto Red Rocks…

What else can I say other than it doesn’t matter how many times we are lucky enough to perform there it still gives me goosebumps every time!!! It was the best time we’ve ever had at Red Rocks…despite the weather playing games with us the first night,the second night was like the “dream show!”

I’ve never felt an energy like it! It was amazing to look up at the beautiful night sky and look out at the thousands of people who had come out just to see us! I know a lot of you made the trip over just to see you and I hope it was as special for you as it was for us!!!

What an end to the tour! As the rest of our cast and crew flew home to their loved ones,usgirlie's flew to NYC to perform on The Today Show to celebrate the 4th of July festivities! All I can say is WOW!!! In all the time I've spent in the US,I've never actually been lucky enough to spend the holiday here! So it was such an amazing experience to see the fireworks and celebrations in NY for myself! I'm totally gonna make it a habit of sticking around to celebrate every year now!

After our short but busy NY trip we headed home to see our families and friends after a long oul' time away from home...

But never let it be said that the Celtic Girls don't work hard enough...

Straight into rehearsals and preparation to record and film the most spectacular and breathtakingly beautiful thing Celtic Woman has ever done to date...

Our "Songs From The Heart" live concert filmed in the stunning location that is PowerscourtHouse and Gardens in Co.Wicklow,Ireland.

I hope to be 'blogging like a good thing' over the next few days...To fill you all in on the rest of the fun I've had up until now!!!

But until then...Gotta call it a night! Looking forward to a well deserved day off tomorrow!!!

Slán go fóill....



Thursday, November 12, 2009

Its about time!!!

So I figured it's about time I do a new blog right?!?

Can't believe how long it has been since I last did one!!! Apologies everyone!
I always sit down to do one but can never find the time to finish it! Maybe I should consider doing short n' sweet ones more regularly rather than epically long ones once in a blue moon!!lol!!

Anyway...Where do I start?
I suppose picking up from my last one...we were on the home run of our Spring Tour when I last blogged! And as most of you know had a fantastic end to our tour by wrapping things up in the phenomenal Red Rocks..but more on that in a minute!

The ONLY other most important thing on the last leg of the tour,other than Red Rocks...
Anyone who knows me will say that I'm a total nutter when it comes to any special occasions throughout the year.
Birthdays,Christmas, name it..I'm guaranteed to make a big deal out of it!

I thank my wonderful family (particularly my Mum!) for always encouraging us growing up to celebrate the day you were brought onto this earth..And rightly so!!!
I think everyone deserves at least one day out of the year that we can be spoilt rotten and nobody else is allowed complain!
That's my story anyway and I'm sticking to it!! :-)

So needless to say the girls and all our Celtic Family out on the road knew that my 20thbirthday was a big deal to me...God only knows everyone had heard me gearing up for the big day since February!! ha!
They couldn't have been more wonderful! I was obviously so sad that I didn't have my family and friends at home to celebrate with me but the girlie's more than made up for it! I was treated like a total princess and indeed spoilt rotten...heehee!!!
The loveliest part of the day for me was looking around and seeing my new family I've grown up since I was 14! And to now think I was 20 years old and sharing the day with the people who are now part of my life and who each hold a special place in my heart was a really wonderful moment!!!

And I have to thank so many of you whom I hope are reading this, for all your beautiful gifts and cards!!! I cannot thank you enough! You really are so kind and generous with your time and love for thinking of me on my birthday! I treasure every single one of them and I'm thankful for not only having grown with the girls and my colleagues over the last few years but that I have grown with you also.
You are a big part of who I am today and I thank you for letting me be a part of your lives too.

More to follow on Red Rocks and the end of our tour!
But first I thought I'd show you a little picture of the birthday girl on her big day!! :-)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Catch up!!


So as I write I'm passing the time in Copenhagen airport waiting to board my flight home to Dublin!!! We've had one of the best weeks of the tour so far and I cant tell you how excited I am to be going home to see my family,friends,and most importantly all my cats,dogs and birdies for a few days!! Heehee...

Picking up where I left off..We had a great show in Oregon and it was so nice to see some familiar faces in the first few rows!! Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves!
Then onto Salt Lake,which we were blown away by the welcome from the crowd. Having spent quite some time there last year,we're big fans of Salt Lake City so we knew we were gonna really enjoy ourselves but my gosh I think it was one of...if not the best audience of the tour so far!! I thought the roof on the fabulous E Center was going to collapse in on us with all the hoopin' and hollerin'!!!!

Another wonderful show in Boise and onto one of my favourite places in the US..Seattle!!
I'm not sure whether its the lovely green trees,the friendly people or the rain that most reminds me of home,but there's something very comforting about being in Seattle that despite being so far from home it feels quite like it!!!
I can't tell you what a fantastic few days we had at the magnificent Paramount theatre,ending on a high note with a great matinee show on the Sunday!!

During our stay there the weather was unbelievably beautiful! So some of us got the chance (all these years later might I add!) to do the Seattle Underground Tour which was great fun,dine in the incredible Space Needle,wander down to the Public Market (probably my favourite place to see when we come through!) and drink far too many Starbucks...which had some of us literally "Sleepless in Seattle!" lol!!

Which leaves me where I started! About to head home for,if I say so myself...a well deserved little break for us all! I know the girls will agree with me when I say we've really given the debut tour of our Isle Of Hope show everything we have to give,and its so amazing to see the hard work pay off.
I want to thank you all so much for making this tour the success it has been so far. It's been such a joy to perform for you all every night. 
The support,love and endless good vibes been sent our way has kept us going...and for that we can't thank you enough!!

Looking forward to chillin' out for a few days at home and I'm already excited to come back refreshed and ready to kick some ass on the last leg of our Spring 09' tour!! We've got so many phenomenal places like Wolf Trap,Red Rocks etc coming up that we're so looking forward to bringing the new show to! 

Not to mention a certain someone's big ol' 20th birthday in June that I know the girls have already planned the party for...(ahem!) :-P

Hope you're all well and can't wait to see you all on what I know will be an awesome end to the best tour we've done to date!!!

Chat soon...

Chloe x

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My first blog!!

Hey everyone...

So after seeing what brilliant little bloggers Mairead and Lisa have become I decided to jump on the bloggin' band wagon myself!!!
It may take a while for me to get used please bear with me!! Lol!!!

I'm so delighted to have somewhere I can stay in touch with ya'll and let you know how things are going on our end...
As I write I'm in lovely Eugene in's been a long week but we've had some of the best shows of the tour! We had such an amazing time in Portland last night..the crowd we're fantastic!! 
The Northwest of the US has really given us a fantastic welcome this time round and we're very appreciative.

Gotta run...time to get ready for the show tonight in Eugene...

Till next time!!!

Chloe x