Friday, January 15, 2010

Going back before I can go forward....

So thought I'd show you some of the fun I had on our Fall Tour 09'.
I may not be great at blogging regularly but what I lack in that I make up for in snapping pics!!!
Anyone who knows me jokes how I was probably a Paparazzo in my last life!!! Cause all I do is take photographs all day every day!!
I love,love,love taking's totally one of my few real passion's in life!!
My whole life is in photographs...looking back on photo's brings back a memory of that exact moment in time....and I think that's really cool!!
So I figured instead of boring you all by going into great detail of what I get up to from day to day I'd just show you some photo's instead!!! Hope that's ok!!! lol!!

The first photo is of us gals and the wonderfully talented Jim Master's at CPTV in Connecticut,taken at the end of October.We were so excited to be there because it was the first official airing of our new Songs From The Heart PBS Special.We had such a good time and I'll tell ya something,not only is Jim one of the lovliest guys I have ever met but boy is he good at what he does!!! Talented AND lovely...rare gift in this business!!!

The next two are of me and the legend Hoagy Carmichael...(not the real one sadly!) the man behind a well loved song of mine "Georgia On My Mind"...couldn't help but snap a pic when we performed in the university in Bloomington!!

I can't tell you how much fun Lynn and I had together when we headed for the West Coast for our Promo trip at the end of our Isle Of Hope Fall tour....
Lynn is totally one of the coolest people you'll ever meet....and whenever the two of us are together we are guaranteed to have a great laugh....and have too much fun!!! lol!!!
So the next few photo's are of us at KAET TV Eight in Arizona having some fun on the phones talking with PBS members,Hanging some Christmas tree decorations and sitting by the fire in Spokane,Me cuddling some fluffy penguin toys in Sea World in San Diego (soooo one of the coolest places I've ever been!!!! Definitely going back any chance I get!!!) and me at sunset at the beach in LA before Christmas!!! You have to realise,for an Irish person being able to be on the beach in late November is a very rare and wonderful thing...a moment I simply couldn't pass up on!!!! :-)

In my next blog....I'll be telling you all about the most awesome Christmas present ever...
It may have something to do with being on the same stage as Sheryl Crow,Ray Lamontagne,Jordin Sparks and a certain Mr.President Obama....

And yes....there may be photo's involved too!!!! Heeheehee!!!

In the meantime....Hope you enjoy this lot!!!!

All my love...

Chloë x


  1. So awesome Chloe!!!!! A picture is worth a thousand words and these certainly are :) Thanks so much for the update and all the great pictures.

  2. hey they are beautiful, as you, as your voice

    Juan Pablo

  3. Thanks Chloe for the wonderful blog complete with great photos! Your fans here in the US look so much forward to your arrival and the start of the Songs From the Heart tour, only next month! You can bet your many fans will be there to support you! Take care in your travels and we'll see you next month!

  4. Greetings Chloe!From Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel (Mairead Nesbitt Fan Forum)
    Hugs Pretty Lady! Great to see your latest post here. LOVE The photos too! Wish you all the best on this latest tour.
    Hope it doesn't keep you too busy to have fun. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Songs From The Heart. "Goodnight My Angel" is a song that I love to hear so much. It makes me cry, every time I hear it. Absolutely beautiful.
    Hope you enjoyed the portrait as much as I did giving it to you. And thank you so much for the hug. (Priceless).
    Looking forword to reading more.
    Be well, have fun, and God Bless!
    Respectfully yours,
    Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel

  5. Hi Chloe

    The photo's are great.
    Glad that you had your fun and to hear from you. Who knows what you where in your next life?
    Hope you girls to see in europe someday

    Warm greating and Hugies
    from Belgium

  6. Pictures!! Thank you!!!! Chloe, you are so incredibly beautiful that no mere words can describe it. Seeing your images is as delightful as listening to your voice. Thank you, thank you for sharing these. Please, keep them coming!

    The old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is simply inadequate when it comes to your photos. In your case,a picture is worth TEN thousand words (or blog entries)!

  7. What great pics Chloe!! Thanks for sharing:) Can't wait for the new tour!


  8. Terrific pix, Chloë. Thank you! Enjoy what's left of your break, and we'll see ya soon.

  9. Thanks Chloe, I love your blogs. I take lot's of pics too, as you probably could tell back in Baton Rouge last year. LOL. Heather loves the pics you have posted. Take care and will see you on tour.

  10. What a great post :) thanks for being so wonderful yourself! Love the pics!

  11. Love the pictures, Chloe, thank you!!

  12. Hi Chloe!! Wonderful pictures, I'm so glad you had fun on the Fall tour, I sure did. :-)

    Take care and see you at Roanoke in a few weeks!!

    -Scott (the original Scott haha)

  13. Awwww, Chloë, what a great blog!! Yes piccies are great at showing those special moments. you sure had plenty of them in 2009!! We really do appreciate your staying in touch with all of us. So glad you had a great time and have had time to recharge a bit. Your penguins brought to mind a Monty Python skit. "Is that a penguin on your telly?" Too funny. We'll see your smiling face very soon again and we wish you safe travels. Thanks for sharing your gifts with so many.

    Scott and your forum

  14. Oh, I love, love pictures too!! Looks like you had a wonderful time before going back to Ireland. Enjoy the rest of your time off...still can't wait to see you all in a few months!!

    Take care,

  15. Hi Chloe... Love the pictures...Love the one of u cuddling the fluffy penguins best , your
    just too cute :)

    Hugs , Christopher

  16. Those are fantastic pics Chloe!!
    You and I are alike, i take pictures of everything and anything!! I love the sunset one, it's gorgeous!!

    Hope you are well and I can't wait to see you at Wilkes Barre on February 24th.

    Leila xx

    P.S. How's Pooja?! haha

  17. Thanks for the awesome pics, Chloë!! And the great blog as well! Safe travels and so can't wait to see all of you again!

    Love Always,

  18. Chloe, I was so glad to turn on Channel 8 at KAET one night and see you and Lynn on the program. Yes you were here in our town and it was nice weather as I remember.

    Next time will be in May 2010 and I will be there to see you all perform.


  19. Hi Chloe,

    Thanks for the pics and yes here at Southern California going to the beach/coast regardless of the weather. Good you went before going back home from the last shows at So Cal 09. Also Ireland has pretty coast line and what I saw on my South Coast tour 2007 to Powerscourt Gardens.

  20. chloe i think you're amazing! i've recently become a very big fan of yours. and im attending the final night of the roanoke concert; thursday, february 11th, 2010 :) im sooooo excited. i hope one day i can finally meet you. you're stunning....vocally and physically. and i look up to you!

  21. Miss writing to you cuz but that's the way it goes when there are contractual obligations and rules to follow. Can't be too careful either. I talk to Karl regularly and we're still trying to piece the genealogy together. I love him.... as one family member would love another I mean. By all means enjoy the west coast beaches when you are here. I've been here all of my life and would love to see California or Florida once and the ocean. It looks beautiful.

  22. Hi Chloe,

    Now I know you like to take photos with a passion as I do; there can never be enough, and if you let one chance get away it can never be recaptured. I loved you telling us that, and showing your photos to us.

    The Roanoke “Songs From the Heart” experience was overwhelming in its beauty, and those new songs perfectly performed by each of you brought joy, and yes some tears. You caught me with the tears flowing and locked your gaze onto me with your reassuring smile that you always have for me. So beautiful; and thank you.

    What a pleasure to have you and Lisa at the Meet and Greet; and it just doesn`t get any better than that. What a joy.

    See you in Birmingham.


  23. oh gosh, Chloë!

    How could i have missed your blog!!! I feel really bad!

    You are so... fantastic!!1
    Thank you so much for catching us up a little!!! I LOVED the photos from your last years tour!! I am going to college for photography, so I definitely know your passion for photographs. It is a way to always have your past with you. I just love it! I really wish you could see my work someday, that would make me... so happy :)

    I cannot wait for when ever you do get a chance to blog again. I will definitely be looking forward to it!

    With love,
    Sarah <3

  24. Thankyou for the amazing blog , I love reading what you girls are up to. Hope you have an awesome year and hope to meet you when you come to brisbane on Nov 3 (Are you extremely excited about your 21st yet)

  25. Thanks for the blogs and taking time for your fans. Your music is inspiring helps make the world a better place. Enjoy your United States tour 2010. Your pictures and blogs made me laugh. Thanks for being you.
    Luv ya, Jeff

  26. Happy Birthday Chloë!! I hope that wonderful smile of yours never leaves your face today as you spend time with the people you love! Have fun! :) ~Amy Lynn

    P.S.- I was at the show in Calgary, and was one of the hummers during Amazing Grace and You Raise Me Up. Those were a couple of the most beautiful moments I have ever been a part of, and I don't know about you girls, but I know none of us in that audience that night will ever forget it. So, thanks, and see you in August!

  27. Chloe,

    I have watched as you have grown from being a beautiful singer at the age of fifteen to your birthday today as you become 21 years old. What a transformation I have seen in you as your singing has grown to be more beautiful and you have now become a most beautiful mature woman.

    Now I will wish you a “Happy Birthday” Chloe. Wherever you are may you enjoy this day of becoming a mature woman with friends and hopefully family too, and they should all treat you as if you are “Queen for a Day” as you truly are.


  28. Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you. Happy happy birthday, we hope your dreams come true!
    ~Tricia Arnts

  29. Hey

    Your amazing chick. im in ireland.. so wish you's could come home for a tour..