Sunday, September 5, 2010

That time again!

Oh dear...

Its been a while again hasn't it???

Apologies lads!!!
Well here I am!!! And boy do I have some catching up to do!!! This might take a while...
Where to start??? Well where did I leave off?? JANUARY!!! Oh my!!! I really have to get the hang of doing this more often!!

Ok...So...Yes a lot has happened since I last wrote...
I'm hoping by now most of you have seen our "Songs From The Heart" show?
Well whether you have or you haven't take it from me.... It's pretty awesome!!! Hahaha!!!
Ah I'm only joking..(not really though!! :-P !)
Obviously I am a little biased... but it just seems to be getting better and better everyday!
I's pretty cool actually!

As you know,Alex decided to take some much needed time with her family at home in Ireland...
So we changed things up AGAIN...and we've been having a ball this second leg of the tour!
It's been a little tougher for all of us in that we've got that extra little bit to do every night that we didn't have before...
But I'm not complaining....cause its been a challenge...but a blast...
And plus...I'm so worn out at the end of the day...I'm getting a great nights sleep!! HA!!

So instead of me blabbering on...
How bout I show you some pics of mine???

I know...I know...I'm a bit of a wannabe photographer...but hey...I just love photo's...
And I hear you guys like my pics its all good right??? :-)

So I've done a lot of adventuring this year...
I'm very proud of my pics of me at Mount Rushmore,and Niagra Falls and one of me on a beautiful bridge in Pittsburgh! There's a pic of a gang of us at the original site of Woodstock...
Had the most amazing time there when we performed in Bethel Woods,NY!
I'm a lucky gal to have seen some of the coolest places in the whole world!

Then there's the pics of me and the gals at the EMI base in Canada,where I wandered into one of the boardrooms by accident...and stumbled across the original sheet music of the Beatles classic "Yesterday"...hand-written by Lennon and McCartney themselves...hidden in the corner!!! I totally freaked out and insisted I get a photo with it! How insanely cool is that???

And a few pics I've included are going back earlier on in the year...
One or two pre tour promo shots...
Some of them taken in NYC at GoodDay NY and Regis and Kelly on Paddy's day!! Got to meet Mindy Kaling from "The US Office"...that was soooo cool!!
And one of us having some fun at Canada AM!!

Enjoy guys...

I'll give ya a warning though.....
There's more to come!!! heehee!!!

Peace!!!! x


  1. You are so beatiful in the phots as always, Chlöe
    kisses and hugs from my fairies and me

  2. Hi Chloë

    Wonderful blog. Just love the photos that you share with us. Your expressions in them are so cute. Have seen six SFTH shows and planned to attend both ALB shows but had to cancel. So heart broken, but the upside is that I will see you in the spring.

    Sounds like you and the ladies are having so much fun. That had to be such as awesome experience to see the original sheet music to “Yesterday.” The changes to the summer show are great. As I mentioned in Philadelphia, love the change to Orinoco Flow. I am glad that you are getting a good night sleep.

    Have a safe trip home and make sure to get plenty of rest and spend time with family and friends. Time will go fast as you are once again heading off to Australia. See you next spring.

    Take care Chloë.


  3. I bet you all have seen more of America than most Americans have!!:) Have a great last leg of your trip! Good luck in Australia...try to have good time, I know it'll be tough;) LOL!

    Melissa XX

  4. cannot wait for you to come back to Roanoke for the next tour. i just think you guys are amazing. and i listen to your SFTH music every chance i get. it reminds me of being in my choir. and being that this is my senior year in high school i've got alot to look forward to. includingg coming to see your next tour!!!
    love you Chloe.


  5. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, Chlöe! I'm glad you're having so much fun here in America, and you have all of us followers enjoying what you write for us. :) Hope you enjoy your next trip to Australia and have loads of fun!

    Best Wishes,


  6. Thanks for sharing your pictures, Chloe! Have a great last leg of the tour!

  7. Wishing I could be at Red Rocks. Thanks for bringing the Irish weather to Portsmouth, VA. It was a pleasant respite from an otherwise beastly summer. Hope to see you on another tour. Safe travels and safe home to all.


  8. Chloe, it sounds like you have had an amazing time on tour this year!!! Thanks for keeping us updated and I love the pics!!!

  9. Ahh!! :-D These pics are fab!!! You're all having too much fun and haven't even hit up Red Rocks yet!! Thanks for the update.

    ..and, I agree SFTH is totally awesome!! Saw the show this spring and summer, wonderful both times, and LOVE the changes that were made for the summer tour! See you next U.S. tour!!!..

  10. Great Piccies Chloe!! Looks like you guys are having an amazing time out touring!

    <3 Rachel From CA

  11. Great pics Chloë...I was at the Bethel Woods show and I have to admit that was on of the best shows I have been to!!! Glad to see that you were able to get some "fun time" in this deserve it after all the hard work you put in...Enjoy the rest of the tour and safe travels back to Ireland and Australia...See you in Albuquerque!!!

  12. Chloe your pictures are fantastic, and as always your expressions speak volumes....if you check out your forum, you'll see some wallpapers that have inspired by your fantastic photos from the past, and a few more recent.

    I hope you have a chance to check them out and enjoy....looking forward to part two!

    Saw you guys in Calgary, and thoroughly enjoyed the evening! Come back soon!

  13. Ahhh, Chloe, your energy and enthusiasm just comes through in everything! What a fun read, and what an adventure you've had this year.

    The tour has had many wonderful memories for many of us too and you are certainly a big part of that!

    Those familiar faces know how exhausting it can be for all of you and how much you yearn for home even while you love what you are doing.

    Woodstock was amazing for sure. The museum was something else and the show on a different level. Didn't hurt that the ghosts of the place joined in with you all towards the end of the show!!!

    Marvelous piccies and we thank you so much for taking the time to do this blog and share with all of us. See you in a few days as we help you all wrap up yet another great show and tour.

    All the best, Scott

  14. Chloe,
    Thanks for sharing the pictures and the update.
    We can all tell that you all have such a wonderful time up on stage.
    You are most definetly correct about the show It is AWESOME.
    I would also like to say thanks for getting to meet you at three M&Gs. You and Mairead were the two kept missing, but now I met you at my last three, So thanks.
    By the way I hope you get your one gift home to show your mother. You said she would want to see it. Hope she likes it also. See I told you, you would get your name back.

    Thanks again for everything you and the others do. You all make this world a better place to live.

  15. Dear Chloë,

    Yay! New blog! Thanks a bunch, and yes, we love the photos!! Thanks for sharing them. I'm really missing seeing you girls this tour, so wish I could have made one of the shows. Will just have to wait 'til 2011 I reckon. *sigh* Thanks again for sharing whenever you can, and am looking forward to the next one! Take care and God Bless!

    Le Grá,

  16. By the way, I can hardly wait to hear you at RED ROCKS!!! I will be close to the front. May God be with you and bless and protect you.

  17. Wow, what an update (finally - just kidding ;P) I LOVED the photos! No Lie :) You have a knack for photography :) Keep it up!

    Look like you guys are having an amazing time! - First and second leg :D

    Thank you for updating us! Great to hear from you again! Cant wait to hear about things in the future!

    <3 Sarah

  18. I love you so much Chloe thanks for the update! And your photos are awesome!!!!! You were amazing in Appleton, and I can't wait to see you again someday! <3

  19. Awesome Blog! Can't wait to meet you in Australia, hope you have a great and well deserved break back home.

    Nichole xox

  20. Hi Chloe - It was GREAT seeing you at Red Rocks tonight - You really gave it your all! I have lived 30 minutes from Red Rocks for the past 17 years, and have never gone there before tonight. I went to see you and the gals and the guys. YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE. Thank you - I love you - wish you the BEST ALWAYS!!

  21. Hey Chloe! Thanks for sharing your fun times with us. We always love to look at your pictures, they make us smile. You should think about putting up some pictures of when you were little. Someone put up the Young Messiah videos and we were all amazed at how little you were. You were so expressive and into what you were doing, even at that age. Well I hope you have a nice break!

  22. It's always nice to see a "celebrity" who doesnt think that they are better than the rest. It's great that you have your fame and fortune, but most importantly that you have kept your morals and values and have not let everything that comes with it corrupt you! This can be a nasty nasty world we live in...but your always positive and bubbly and never seem to be negative! Best wishes to you. I always love to hear your music! Keep on keepin' on...and send more pics...haha we love to see you in your journeys! :0 )

  23. Hi chloe thanks for coming to Australia it was great seeing you in sydney and the meet and great in melbourne your such a wonderful performer who is beautiful inside and out. Good Luck with the rest of your performances.

    Hope to see you soon xoxoxo ashlee

  24. hi Chloe i'm french so sorry for my english :)
    i can't find the words to describe my feelings when i'm watching you : we can see your soul in your eyes and your heart in your voice!
    yes you'r very beautiful but you've that wonderful personality that the others don't have.

    i hope that you understand what i want to say, it's not easy in english when we are french :)

    the most important it's that: please Chloe don't
    change ! never!! all your fans love you like you

    i don't know if you will read this message, it would be so wonderful!

    big kisses to you, all the best for you, thank you for what you give to us.

    i know that you probably never will come in France :( i'll never see you but i'll continue to watch you on youtube and DVDs



  25. Awesome blog Chloe!! It's so great to hear from you!!

  26. My favorite picture is when you are on Niagara Falls.
    It is very sweet.
    I never miss you concert in New York City.
    Will see you on March 17, 2011

  27. Hey Chloe, I saw your SFTH performance in Minneapolis this past Saturday and I just wanted to give you a special thank you. My grandfather died that Friday and your music healed me so much. I cried so hard when you a Lisa(K) sang "Goodnight My Angel". Even though it's from a mother to her child it still reminded me of my grandfather, because I sang to him so many times. :') And when you gave the introduction to "Galway Bay" saying how your grandfather sang it to you it warmed my heart. Even though my grandfather wasn't a singer he taught me so many things about his childhood, and my dad's, and all about the outdoor adventures he loved to have. Your singing just brought me so much closer to him from down here on Earth. Thank you so much Chloe!
    A Big Irish Hug,

  28. You are beautiful! My name is Maria. I am from Romania and am in 5 grade. I listen to your songs for a long time and I like . Lisa Kelly appears younger than is. I have got 3 blogger!

  29. Hello Chloe. First let me say how much I love listening to Celtic Woman as a whole and now let me also say how much I love listening to you sing To Where You Are. The only thing I regret is that I couldn't sing it with you. I digress though... I must admit i'm part Irish myself and always wanted to visit the country. Anyway keep up the great work you and the ladies of CW. Don't let haters knock you down. You all have God given talent. Keep it coming. :)