Friday, November 13, 2009

Onto Red Rocks…

What else can I say other than it doesn’t matter how many times we are lucky enough to perform there it still gives me goosebumps every time!!! It was the best time we’ve ever had at Red Rocks…despite the weather playing games with us the first night,the second night was like the “dream show!”

I’ve never felt an energy like it! It was amazing to look up at the beautiful night sky and look out at the thousands of people who had come out just to see us! I know a lot of you made the trip over just to see you and I hope it was as special for you as it was for us!!!

What an end to the tour! As the rest of our cast and crew flew home to their loved ones,usgirlie's flew to NYC to perform on The Today Show to celebrate the 4th of July festivities! All I can say is WOW!!! In all the time I've spent in the US,I've never actually been lucky enough to spend the holiday here! So it was such an amazing experience to see the fireworks and celebrations in NY for myself! I'm totally gonna make it a habit of sticking around to celebrate every year now!

After our short but busy NY trip we headed home to see our families and friends after a long oul' time away from home...

But never let it be said that the Celtic Girls don't work hard enough...

Straight into rehearsals and preparation to record and film the most spectacular and breathtakingly beautiful thing Celtic Woman has ever done to date...

Our "Songs From The Heart" live concert filmed in the stunning location that is PowerscourtHouse and Gardens in Co.Wicklow,Ireland.

I hope to be 'blogging like a good thing' over the next few days...To fill you all in on the rest of the fun I've had up until now!!!

But until then...Gotta call it a night! Looking forward to a well deserved day off tomorrow!!!

Slán go fóill....




  1. nice photos you are always so pretty

  2. You're a woman of your word! Thanks for the update Chloe, and it was fabulous to see you at Wichita. Hope you're looking forward to Long Beach ha ha


  3. Hello there... Chloë, isn't it? :D
    Just kidding.

    I had no doubts you were thoroughly enjoying yourself, both on your birthday and at the Spring tour's finale concerts, but it's still wonderful to hear it from you. Hopefully one of these days, I'll get things worked out to see you and the girls perform at Red Rocks. Safe travels as you wrap up the Fall tour, and know that many of us will be glued to our TVs when our local PBS stations start airing "Songs from the Heart". :)

    Take care and best wishes,

  4. Well I can honestly say for everyone who's a fan of celtic woman and you that we are ALL glad that you had a wonderful 20th birthday :)

    ~But i wonder if you get so geered up for the holidays then what did you do for halloween lol
    I kNOW you probably dressed up as celtic woman right? lol
    cant wait to hear form you again and i think the short n' sweet is better then the long ones that come around once in a blue moon :D
    ~Ashley (CWsenior)

  5. OOOO and beautiful pictures :D thanks for sharing with us haha

  6. Ooooh! Can't wait for the new video...we love to put on the Celtic Woman video's in the car on long trips for our granddaughters to watch in the back seat...we get to listen!

  7. Hi, Chloë! Thanks for sharing the pics. I really hope to see you girls at Red Rocks one of these times. Haven't been able to thus far, though I was able to see it (though not hear it) on the venue's webcam. It would've been so awesome to have actually been there! Maybe another time. It was wonderful to meet you at last in Merrillville, IN. Enjoy your day off tomorrow, it is totally definitely well-deserved!! I continue to pray for safe travels and health for all of you, and look forward to the next opportunity to see all of you. God Bless!

    Le Grá,

  8. Yes indeed, Red Rocks was a spectacular two nights! I think your high note form When You Believe are still rebounding off those rocks!!! You were all juiced as was the crowd. There were plenty of various folks from various forums there to encourage you as well. We all look forward to the new show. It was marvelous to be there for that. Hmmmm, a pattern with the weather as both Red Rocks and Powerscourt first nights were less than ideal to say the least! Ahhh well what's a little water eh? Great to see you back blogging, Chloe. All the best from all of us in the enchanted forest and in your forum too!!

    God's peace, Scott and friends

  9. Awesome pics :) An I saw your PBS special - made me cry! And you try doing a health project that involves intricate painted details while crying! (haha, I recorded your special and played it twice while working) Hope you're doing well, it looks like it. And I hope to see you in March! Oooh, I can't wait! First Celtic Woman concert I'll have gone to. *sigh* The world is right today, I must say... And I was watching video from when you had just joined - holy crow, you went from awkard to beautiful so fast! Haha, I think I'll be in the awkward stage for the remainder of my life, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Us teens grow up much too fast for my own liking these days. I'm perfectly content to act uncivilized with the guys until I'm 20+
    Good luck with your 2010 tour! Hugs and kisses from an Irish fan in Ohio! And I'll be the one in the crowd that has a sketchbook open :) Too bad I didn't geta meet and greet, that'd be fun!

  10. Chloe,

    This Christmas I wish for you and your family all the love and peace your heart can hold, and may the coming New Year be filled with happiness in everything you do. The love in your heart is God given and He blesses all those people that may hear your beautiful singing and that smile so full of love it fills our hearts with joy.

    Jim Allen

  11. Hello Chloe,

    I doubt any words could describe how grateful I am for your voice in our ears, so I just say this - THANK YOU for being there for us. And thank you all for being there for Chloe ;-)